Herrcastle Farm

Herrcastle Farm is a family-owned and operated produce and fruit farm located in rural southern Lancaster County.  We grow a diverse selection of produce, specializing in heirloom tomatoes.

The farm offers a 22 week CSA program with drop-off locations at three farmers' markets.

Our produce is sold at these suburban farmers markets: East Goshen Farmers market, Glenside Farmers Market and the Lancaster County Farmers Market, Wayne.

While Herrcastle Farm retails the majority of the produce, wholesale options are available. Contact us for more information.

We love what we do, and pride ourselves in selling the freshest fruit and produce, from our family to yours.


 ...is harvested the same day it is delivered, therefore it is very FRESH
 ...is picked at the peak of freshness, therefore it has more FLAVOR
 ...is harvested fully ripe, therefore it contains higher NUTRIENTS
 …often consists of unusual and heirloom VARIETIES
 ...purchased from a local farmer SUPPORTS the local economy.

purchase locally